As a Common Good Community you and other members decide together when to spend, grant, lend, and/or invest some of the US Dollars members have put into their Common Good accounts, which are held in a Community Fund Dollar Pool in a bank.

Your Common Good Community must take care to keep enough money in the Community Dollar Pool to cover requests by members to move funds to their bank account, trading some of their Common Good credit for US Dollars.

If you and your community misjudge and members transfer large amounts, all at once, from their Common Good account to their bank account and/or transfer much less than usual from their bank account to their Common Good account, the amount in the community’s Dollar Pool becomes less and less. Then at some point when a member requests a transfer to their bank account, there might not be enough Dollars left to complete that request until more US Dollars come in. We call this a cash crunch.

Backing Promises from members assure that additional Dollars are always available within 7 days for participants to transfer to their bank account, allowing for continued smooth operations even in the unlikely event of a cash crunch.