Funding Proposal

Application/Proposal for Community Funding

Complete this form by October 1, 2018, to submit a proposal for funding from Common Good Greenfield. Requests can be made for up to $20,000 (smaller requests are more likely to be funded). *

Please keep your responses concise -- 5 short paragraphs at most. If you can answer a question in a single sentence, even better! Proposals will be evaluated following these criteria.

Click here for more information about Common Good — the payment card for community power. Amazingly, the Common Good system generates funding for local community projects without cost to any participant.

Questions? Email or call +1 413 628 1723.

* Note: Funds will be disbursed using the Common Good payment system, so successful applicants will need to open a free Common Good account to receive funding.

Describe your project briefly. What specific actions will be taken?

What category or categories are most applicable to this project:

Sustainability / Renewable Energy
Small Business / Economic Development
Social and Economic Justice
Food Systems
Arts & Culture
Describe the Project's purpose. How does it promote the common good? How does it address each of the categories you checked above?
Common Good Greenfield funds systemic change. In our society today, people suffer. Work that eases that suffering here and now is very important. It is also important to change the world to prevent such suffering from happening year after year. How does your project promote systemic change?
Where will the project take place? (zip code)
When will the project begin?
When will the project be completed?
Provide details of HOW your project will be implemented.
How much funding are you proposing from the Community Fund? Be sure to read the Evaluation Criteria.
How will some or all of these funds come back to the Community Fund? For grant requests, this "coming back" may happen indirectly. (check all that apply)
What is the Total Project Expense Budget? Type or paste a complete Income and Expense budget below. Include your top 3 sources and amounts of committed funds. Please do not show subtotals.
Funds are limited, and projects may not receive the full amount requested. If you receive less than the amount requested, how will that impact your ability to conduct the project?
Who will complete the project? What are their specific skills, experience, or qualities that assure success?
How will you measure and evaluate the project's success?
Type the name of the organization or individual who will receive the funding (properly capitalized).
If you are applying on behalf of yourself, type "self". Otherwise type the full name of the contact person for this project. If the contact person is not you, add your name in parenthesis — for example, "Jane Dough (per Millie Baker)".
Name(s) of Common Good member(s) sponsoring this funding proposal, if any (or "self" if you are a member)