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Suspicious Activity Report


Any potentially suspicious accounts, transactions, and bank transfers (ACHs) are listed here, so all members can keep an eye on things. System administrators will investigate any transaction with a suspiciousness score of 100 or more (shown in red). If you don't see any red, that means nothing even remotely suspicious happened. But for the sake of transparency, we show the 20 top scores in each category anyway.

Green risks are "good" (they mitigate other risk factors). Hover over any risk for a brief description or click it for details. To see a company's name, hover over its account ID.


2823020AAIndiv18-Apr-2021HasBank, New, Rents
47989AFIndiv13-Apr-2021HasBank, New, Rents, Miser, BigWeek
23299AKIndiv11-Apr-2021HasBank, New, Rents, Miser, AddrOff, BigDay
4394APIndiv01-Apr-2021HasBank, New, Rents, Miser
3279AUIndiv03-Apr-2021Trusted, HasBank, New, Rents, Miser
3025AZIndiv28-Mar-2021HasBank, New, Rents, Miser, SsnOff
2799BEIndiv27-Mar-2021HasBank, New, Rents, Miser, SsnOff
1350BJIndiv17-Mar-2021New, Moves, Rents, Miser
1261BOIndiv17-Mar-2021HasBank, New, Miser
1246BTIndiv17-Mar-2021HasBank, New, Miser
989BYIndiv13-Mar-2021HasBank, New, Rents, Miser
823CDIndiv10-Mar-2021HasBank, New, Rents
790CIIndiv18-Mar-2021HasBank, New, Moves, Rents, BadConx, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
771CNIndiv08-Mar-2021HasBank, New, Rents, Miser
623CSIndiv03-Mar-2021HasBank, New, Rents, AddrOff
595CXIndiv01-Mar-2021New, Rents, Miser
590DCCo25-Feb-2021New, HomeCo, Miser, AddrOff, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
495DHIndiv13-Jun-2017HasBank, Moves, Miser, SsnOff, DobOff, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
490DMIndiv28-Feb-2021Trusted, HasBank, New, Rents, Miser, Big7Week
473DRIndiv20-Feb-2021HasBank, New, Rents, BadConx, Miser, AddrOff


729925014784418-Apr800.00DWDCInhouse, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, OftenTo, Origins
713484014784518-Apr800.00DWDCInhouse, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, OftenTo, Origins
299637014783618-Apr1.44EBEGToSuspect, BigFrom, OftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
299637014783618-Apr1.44EBELToSuspect, BigFrom, OftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
299637014783618-Apr1.44EBEQToSuspect, BigFrom, OftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
299637014783618-Apr1.44EBEVToSuspect, BigFrom, OftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
299637014783618-Apr287.56EBFAToSuspect, BigFrom, OftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
49586614763613-Apr48.00DWFFToSuspect, BigTo, BiggestTo, OftenTo, Origins
25792214784318-Apr3,492.91DCDWB2p, Inhouse, FromSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, BiggestFrom, BigTo, BiggestTo, Origins
19620614767214-Apr20.00DWCIP2p, ToSuspect, Absent, Origins
6928514768414-Apr800.00DCEGFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, BiggestFrom, BigTo, BiggestTo, Origins
3829114767314-Apr4.00DWCIP2p, ToSuspect, Absent, Origins
2464614768214-Apr98.02FKFAFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Origins
1106514783518-Apr100.06FPFUFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, OftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
1106514783518-Apr1.00FPELFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, OftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
1101814764717-Apr90.00FZAFExchange, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, Origins
724414776316-Apr139.50GEGJExchange, P2p, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, Origins
709114776216-Apr3,000.00GOGJCashOut, FromSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigTo, Origins, SuspectOut
584514767814-Apr3,500.00GTGJCashOut, FromSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, BiggestFrom, BigTo, Origins, SuspectOut
518014773515-Apr1,069.30FAGOFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, BigTo, BiggestTo, OftenTo, Origins