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Suspicious Activity Report

Any potentially suspicious accounts, transactions, and bank transfers (ACHs) are listed here, so all members can keep an eye on things. System administrators will investigate any transaction with a suspiciousness score of 100 or more (shown in red). If you don't see any red, that means nothing even remotely suspicious happened. But for the sake of transparency, we show the 20 top scores in each category anyway.

Green risks are "good" (they mitigate other risk factors). Hover over any risk for a brief description or click it for details. To see a company's name, hover over its account ID.


15091AAIndiv11/21/2022HasBank, New, Rents, Miser
601AFIndiv10/26/2022Trusted, HasBank, New, Rents, Miser, Big7Week
587AKIndiv10/18/2019HasBank, Moves, SsnOff, PoBox, MoreOut, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
490APIndiv08/15/2017BadConx, Miser, SsnOff, PoBox, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week
472AUCo03/19/2019HasBank, Rents, HomeCo, Miser, PoBox, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
467AZIndiv10/07/2019HasBank, SsnOff, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week
437BEIndiv10/07/2022HasBank, New, Rents, Miser
430BJIndiv12/30/2017Rents, BadConx, PoBox, MoreOut, Big7Week
430BOIndiv12/09/2019Moves, Rents, Miser
425BTIndiv03/18/2021Trusted, HasBank, Moves, Rents, BadConx, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
415BYIndiv10/03/2021HasBank, New, Moves, Rents, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
398CDCo02/25/2021HomeCo, Miser, AddrOff, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
359CIIndiv05/18/2020Trusted, HasBank, Moves, SsnOff, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week
352CNCo11/29/2018HasBank, Rents, HomeCo, Miser, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
352CSCo09/02/2020HasBank, Rents, HomeCo, PoBox, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
347CXCo10/13/2015HasBank, Rents, BadConx, PoBox, MoreIn, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
343DCIndiv09/09/2022HasBank, New, Rents, Miser, Big7Week, BigYear
307DHIndiv01/20/2022HasBank, New, Moves, Rents, Big7Week, BigYear
304DMIndiv01/15/2019HasBank, Moves, Miser, MoreIn, BigWeek, Big7Week
296DRIndiv09/10/2022HasBank, New, Rents, Miser, Big7Week


29618300000016979511/28186.92DWEBToSuspect, BigTo, OftenTo, Origins
29618300000016979511/280.93DWEGToSuspect, BigTo, OftenTo, Origins
29618300000016979511/280.93DWELToSuspect, BigTo, OftenTo, Origins
29618300000016979511/280.93DWEQToSuspect, BigTo, OftenTo, Origins
29618300000016979511/280.93DWEVToSuspect, BigTo, OftenTo, Origins
18997400016985111/30991.59EBFAFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, BigTo, BiggestTo, OftenTo, Origins
7685050016978711/28465.50EBAUFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, OftenFrom, OftenTo, Origins
5290000016978811/28320.60EBFFFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, OftenTo, Origins
1426750016979411/2880.55FKEBToSuspect, BigFrom, OftenFrom, Offline, Origins
1355380016976711/27141.94FKEBToSuspect, BigFrom, BiggestFrom, OftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
553979016984711/308,355.80AUFPCashOut, FromSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigTo, Origins, SuspectOut
502884016984911/3026.22EBCNFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, OftenTo, Origins
301318016970611/25200.00FUBTP2p, ToSuspect, OftenFrom, Origins
283904016979711/28850.00FPBYExchange, P2p, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, OftenTo, Origins
248724016976511/27700.00CSCXFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigTo, BiggestTo, Origins
187006016972911/26560.00FPFZExchange, P2p, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, OftenTo, Origins
138712016970511/25416.67FPGEExchange, P2p, BigFrom, OftenTo, Origins
66795916971711/25200.00FPGJExchange, P2p, Absent, Invoiceless, BigTo, BiggestTo, OftenTo, Origins
66758216974611/27200.00FPGOExchange, P2p, ToSuspect, OftenTo, Origins
66714316977411/28200.00FPFKExchange, P2p, Origins