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Suspicious Activity Report

Any potentially suspicious accounts, transactions, and bank transfers (ACHs) are listed here, so all members can keep an eye on things. System administrators will investigate any transaction with a suspiciousness score of 100 or more (shown in red). If you don't see any red, that means nothing even remotely suspicious happened. But for the sake of transparency, we show the 20 top scores in each category anyway.

Green risks are "good" (they mitigate other risk factors). Hover over any risk for a brief description or click it for details. To see a company's name, hover over its account ID.


867AAIndiv04/03/2022HasBank, New, Rents, Miser, SsnOff
495AFIndiv01/20/2022HasBank, New, Moves, Rents, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
430AKIndiv12/09/2019Moves, Rents, Miser
395APIndiv06/13/2017HasBank, Moves, Miser, SsnOff, DobOff, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
372AUCo02/15/2017HasBank, Rents, HomeCo, Miser, SsnOff, PoBox, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
362AZCo06/23/2020HasBank, HomeCo, Miser, PoBox, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
352BECo11/29/2018HasBank, Rents, HomeCo, Miser, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
351BJCo02/25/2021New, HomeCo, Miser, AddrOff, MoreIn, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
336BOIndiv02/07/2021Trusted, HasBank, Moves, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
328BTIndiv03/18/2021Trusted, HasBank, New, Moves, Rents, BadConx, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
317BYIndiv07/23/2019HasBank, SsnOff, MoreIn, BigDay, BigWeek
308CDIndiv03/12/2022HasBank, New, Rents
302CICo01/07/2022HasBank, Rents, HomeCo, Miser, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week
300CNIndiv12/05/2016HasBank, Moves, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week
294CSIndiv01/31/2021HasBank, Moves, Rents, MoreIn, MoreOut, Big7Week, BigYear
292CXCo07/23/2015HasBank, HomeCo, Miser, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigDay, BigWeek
287DCIndiv09/29/2019HasBank, Miser, SsnOff, MoreIn, MoreOut, Big7Week
287DHIndiv03/20/2019Trusted, HasBank, PoBox, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
277DMIndiv10/22/2019HasBank, Rents, SsnOff, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigWeek
277DRIndiv02/10/2018HasBank, Moves, Rents, SsnOff


235941000016340205/091.24DWAUToSuspect, BigFrom, OftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
235941000016340205/091.24DWEBToSuspect, BigFrom, OftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
235941000016340205/091.24DWEGToSuspect, BigFrom, OftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
235941000016340205/09248.57DWELToSuspect, BigFrom, OftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
235941000016340205/091.24DWEQToSuspect, BigFrom, OftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
432412016350605/124,146.14ELEVFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, BiggestFrom, BigTo, BiggestTo, Origins
259638016340305/09267.73FAELToSuspect, BigFrom, BiggestFrom, BigTo, Origins
169589016351705/13100.00FFBTP2p, ToSuspect, OftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
90715016352305/131,000.00FKFPCashOut, FromSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, Origins, SuspectOut
80084716339205/091,024.00FUFZToSuspect, Absent, OftenFrom, OftenTo, Origins
79181616345605/117,800.00FPAUCashIn, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, BiggestFrom, BigTo, BiggestTo, Origins
55401616350705/12531.31ELBEFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigTo, BiggestTo, OftenTo, Origins
24853616350405/12238.00ELGEFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, OftenFrom, BigTo, OftenTo, Origins
17912116350305/12171.60ELGJFromSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigTo, Origins
16538316350205/12158.28ELGOFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, OftenTo, Origins
14929716343005/1053.00DHELFromSuspect, Origins
11067916351205/1252.27BYGJFromSuspect, Origins
9694216350505/1292.94ELFKFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, OftenTo, Origins
8504916339905/09118.52GTEVFromSuspect, Origins
7858416356705/1437.46BYEVFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Origins