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Suspicious Activity Report

Any potentially suspicious accounts, transactions, and bank transfers (ACHs) are listed here, so all members can keep an eye on things. System administrators will investigate any transaction with a suspiciousness score of 100 or more (shown in red). If you don't see any red, that means nothing even remotely suspicious happened. But for the sake of transparency, we show the 20 top scores in each category anyway.

Green risks are "good" (they mitigate other risk factors). Hover over any risk for a brief description or click it for details. To see a company's name, hover over its account ID.


43447AAIndiv28-Nov-2021Trusted, HasBank, New, Rents, Miser
17639AFIndiv25-Nov-2021HasBank, New, Rents, Miser, SsnOff, BigWeek
5404AKIndiv19-Nov-2021Trusted, HasBank, New, Rents
3867APIndiv15-Nov-2021HasBank, New, Rents, Miser
1407AUCo01-Dec-2021HasBank, New, Rents, BigWeek, Big7Week
811AZIndiv18-Oct-2021HasBank, New, Rents, Miser, BigWeek, Big7Week
716BEIndiv03-Oct-2021HasBank, New, Moves, Rents, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
501BJIndiv14-Oct-2021HasBank, New, Rents
498BOIndiv09-Feb-2019HasBank, Moves, Rents, BadConx, PoBox, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
469BTIndiv21-Aug-2021HasBank, New, Moves, Rents, Miser, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
457BYIndiv20-Feb-2021HasBank, Miser, AddrOff, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
437CDIndiv18-Mar-2021Trusted, HasBank, New, Moves, Rents, BadConx, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
430CIIndiv09-Dec-2019Moves, Rents, Miser
423CNCo18-Feb-2021HasBank, New, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
417CSIndiv31-Mar-2019HasBank, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
412CXCo08-Jun-2021New, Miser, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
407DCIndiv22-Sep-2021HasBank, Miser, SsnOff, PoBox, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week
372DHCo19-Mar-2019HasBank, Rents, HomeCo, Miser, PoBox, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
372DMCo29-Nov-2018HasBank, Rents, HomeCo, Miser, PoBox, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
352DRCo02-Sep-2020HasBank, Rents, HomeCo, PoBox, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear


17429500015738529-Nov129.26DWEBToSuspect, OftenFrom, Origins
17429500015738529-Nov0.65DWEGToSuspect, OftenFrom, Origins
17429500015738529-Nov0.65DWELToSuspect, OftenFrom, Origins
17429500015738529-Nov0.65DWEQToSuspect, OftenFrom, Origins
17429500015738529-Nov0.65DWEVToSuspect, OftenFrom, Origins
10681700015746030-Nov116.29FAFFOftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
8568240015738829-Nov8,000.00FKFPExchange, P2p, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, BiggestFrom, BigTo, Origins
901148015746701-Dec850.00FKFUInhouse, ToSuspect, Origins
267706015755402-Dec260.00FKFZToSuspect, BigTo, BiggestTo, Origins
131211015746801-Dec125.00FKFUInhouse, ToSuspect, Origins
104460015746901-Dec100.00FKFUInhouse, ToSuspect, Origins
102479015759003-Dec100.00FKCDP2p, ToSuspect, Absent, OftenFrom, Origins
58601015755702-Dec7,500.00GEFPExchange, P2p, FromSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, BiggestFrom, BigTo, Origins, SuspectOut
26898115749901-Dec26.00FKGJToSuspect, OftenTo, Offline, Origins
20006815750201-Dec140.50GOEBFromSuspect, ToSuspect, BigFrom, BigTo, Origins
17849115760004-Dec17.50FKCDP2p, ToSuspect, Absent, OftenFrom, Origins
17182615728327-Nov60.00GTFPCashOut, Origins
15593515747001-Dec15.00FKFUInhouse, ToSuspect, Origins
14818915751901-Dec1,019.40EBDHFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, OftenFrom, BigTo, BiggestTo, OftenTo, Origins
14605015746601-Dec3,492.91FUFKB2p, Inhouse, FromSuspect, BigFrom, BigTo, OftenTo, Origins