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Suspicious Activity Report


Any potentially suspicious accounts, transactions, and bank transfers (ACHs) are listed here, so all members can keep an eye on things. System administrators will investigate any transaction with a suspiciousness score of 100 or more (shown in red). If you don't see any red, that means nothing even remotely suspicious happened. But for the sake of transparency, we show the 20 top scores in each category anyway.

Green risks are "good" (they mitigate other risk factors). Hover over any risk for a brief description or click it for details. To see a company's name, hover over its account ID.


603AAIndiv14-Jun-2019Trusted, HasBank, Moves, Rents, Miser, SsnOff, PoBox, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
529AFIndiv09-Feb-2019HasBank, Moves, Rents, BadConx, MoreIn, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
449AKIndiv02-Apr-2019HasBank, Moves, Rents, Miser, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigDay, Big7Week, BigYear
430APIndiv09-Dec-2019Moves, Rents, Miser
420AUIndiv04-Jul-2014PoBox, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week
395AZIndiv13-Jun-2017HasBank, Moves, Miser, SsnOff, DobOff, MoreIn, MoreOut, Big7Week, BigYear
367BEIndiv31-Mar-2019HasBank, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week
365BJCo20-Jul-2017Rents, HomeCo, MoreIn, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week
342BOCo16-Jul-2014HasBank, HomeCo, Miser, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
337BTIndiv15-May-2018HasBank, Miser, SsnOff, MoreIn, MoreOut, Big7Week, BigYear
297BYCo13-Oct-2015HasBank, Rents, PoBox, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
278CDIndiv10-Feb-2018HasBank, Moves, Rents, SsnOff
277CIIndiv04-Dec-2019HasBank, Rents, SsnOff, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigWeek
272CNCo19-Mar-2019HasBank, Rents, HomeCo, Miser, PoBox, MoreIn, MoreOut, Big7Week, BigYear
272CSCo12-Jul-2013HasBank, HomeCo, MoreOut, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
270CXIndiv18-May-2020Trusted, HasBank, Moves, Rents, SsnOff, MoreOut, BigWeek
270DCIndiv05-Dec-2016HasBank, Moves, Miser, MoreOut, BigDay, BigWeek
267DHIndiv03-Oct-2019HasBank, SsnOff, MoreIn, MoreOut, Big7Week
247DMIndiv26-Jan-2018Trusted, HasBank, Rents, Miser, MoreIn, MoreOut, BigDay, BigWeek, Big7Week, BigYear
247DRIndiv31-Oct-2017HasBank, Rents, PoBox, MoreIn, MoreOut, Big7Week, BigYear


2454113923004-Aug5,000.00CSDWCashOut, FromSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, BiggestFrom, BigTo, Origins, SuspectOut
1632513912331-Jul92.63EBEGBigFrom, BiggestFrom, OftenFrom, BigTo, OftenTo, Origins
1297713923404-Aug2.04ELEQOftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
1297713923404-Aug2.04ELEVOftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
1297713923404-Aug2.04ELFAOftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
1297713923404-Aug203.88ELFFOftenFrom, BigTo, Origins
328813909031-Jul171.76FKFFFromSuspect, BigFrom, BigTo, Origins
147913908231-Jul700.00AAFPP2p, FromSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, BiggestFrom, BigTo, BiggestTo, OftenTo, Origins
145913926705-Aug500.00AUBJFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, BiggestFrom, Origins
131913917802-Aug500.00FUFZInhouse, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, BiggestFrom, BigTo, BiggestTo, OftenTo, Origins
128613886001-Aug500.00GEAUExchange, P2p, ToSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigFrom, BigTo, BiggestTo, OftenTo, Origins
126613922004-Aug36.26FKFFFromSuspect, Origins
116813914201-Aug763.10BODWCashOut, FromSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, Origins, SuspectOut
93713907731-Jul588.62EGAAB2p, ToSuspect, OftenTo, Origins
81513915801-Aug20.00FKGJFromSuspect, ToSuspect, Origins
80813918202-Aug31.25GOGTFromSuspect, ToSuspect, OftenFrom, Origins
61613915501-Aug775.00GYDWExchange, P2p, Absent, Invoiceless, Origins
56513904930-Jul50.00HDEGFromSuspect, BigFrom, Origins
44213915901-Aug199.00AAHIP2p, FromSuspect, Absent, Invoiceless, BigTo, BiggestTo, Origins
39913907631-Jul679.08EGHNB2p, OftenTo, Origins