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Organizer Grant Application

Are you passionate about democratic economics and the potential of Common Good to create a society to benefit everyone? Do you have the skills to organize a group to begin the process of becoming a Common Good Community? Great! Common Good Finance has a grant for you.

Open a Common Good Account, get one retail business and 10 other people to sign up (you get a 20 reward for each one), then fill out this form to request a grant of up to $5,000. Please also email us your resume, CV, or equivalent.

Remember the board may not be familiar with your work or your local community, so explain as needed.

Have you successfully recruited 10 Common Good members and at least 1 Common Good business?
Which business(es) did you recruit?
How much grant funding are you requesting (up to $5,000)?

What do you plan to accomplish with this funding (and over what time period)?

  • Inspire local organizers to meet regularly, to form a Common Good Community.
  • Recruit more individuals.
  • Recruit more companies.
  • Develop partnerships with these organizations: .
  • Other:
  • Grant period starts , ends .

How will you be accountable to Common Good and to other Common Good organizers?

Attend most weekly organizer conference calls? (We might ask you to participate in these meetings before we consider your grant request.)
Report progress monthly by email?
Other (work this out with Common Good staff):
Please give at least two work or community organizing references (with contact information). We will also contact the business(es) you have recruited.