Closing Down

Common Good staff and advisers have put great care into designing the Common Good System so that it will continue to flourish. In the unlikely event your Common Good Community or the Common Good System needs to close down, the Common Good Agreement gives us a way to end gracefully.

As part of the Common Good Agreement, you promise to bring your balance up to zero if it is negative. You can either:

  • continue to accept Common Good credit until you are square OR
  • trade US Dollars to another member in exchange for Common Good credit OR
  • transfer US Dollars from your bank account.

Complementarily, if the system ends and you have a positive balance, you can:

  • continue to make purchases with your credits for a limited time OR
  • trade them to another member in exchange for US Dollars OR
  • transfer them to your bank account.

We all make this agreement so if the system closes down, everyone is protected.

However, if you and your Common Good Community have made mistakes in handling the Community's Dollar Pool and you need to close down when there are no longer enough Dollars in the Pool to redeem the Common Good credit in circulation, the value of everyone's Common Good credit will be proportionately diminished, as you are settlings the accounts and closing down.