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By opening an account, you are joining a partnership to create a Common Good Economy based on the Common Good Agreement. Please actually read it, so you know what you're agreeing to. It's short.

  1. Who. I make this agreement with all Common Good Members and Member Organizations everywhere — especially with Members and Member Organizations in my Common Good Community.
  2. Community control. I understand we can use the Common Good System, as a democratic community, to reclaim control of our local economy for the common good. I am willing to participate with other Members to do that, and to support other communities to do the same.
  3. Investing together. I understand whenever I put money in my Common Good account, there is more money in the Dollar Pool, so my community has more money to invest while I use my Common Good credit for purchases.
  4. Backing together. I understand my Common Good credit is backed 100% or more — partly by money in the Dollar Pool and partly by Members and Member Organizations.
  5. Accepting payments. I will accept Common Good credit as payment, without limit or surcharge.
  6. Account Balance. If I spend more than the balance in my Common Good account, resulting in a negative balance, I will bring my balance up to zero or more within 30 days.
  7. Disputes. When there is a dispute, I will follow the Common Good Dispute Resolution Process and will honor its outcome.
  8. Changes. I understand I will have the opportunity to participate in any decision to change this Agreement, and if I use my account after changes have been approved, that means I agree to those changes.